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Babe Ruth stamp and Yankee stadium seating

Babe Ruth stamp and Yankee stadium seating

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Own a piece of history with this one-of-a-kind pen crafted from the very seats of Yankee Stadium, famously known as "The House That Ruth Built". 

The stadium, located in the heart of the Bronx, served as the home of the New York Yankees for over 85 years, hosting more than 6,500 regular season games throughout its history. The stadium was also once home to the New York Giants football team. Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball player, played a significant role in the stadium's history and its nickname, "The House That Ruth Built", is a testament to his impact on the sport.

This pen also features a collectible stamp of Babe Ruth, making it a must-have for any sports fan or collector. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of baseball and New York City history.

*Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

*Display stand sold separately

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