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Christopher Robin Stamp with Ashdown forest 100 acre wood

Christopher Robin Stamp with Ashdown forest 100 acre wood

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For those who hold dear the cherished memories of their childhood, this pen serves as a reminder that the magic of those moments can live on forever. With Christopher Robin proudly showcased on the cap and a stamp of him as a keepsake, this exceptional piece is a testament to the power of childhood tales. The Oakwood used to craft the pen body is sourced from the Ashdown Forest, home of the 100-acre wood that inspired the iconic tales. The exquisite gold-plated leaf insets on the cap, center band, and barrel ends add a touch of opulence to this remarkable piece, making it a truly unique and special writing instrument that any admirer of Winnie The Pooh and his friends would be proud to own. The attention to detail in the pen's design is a testament to the fact that the smallest things can hold the greatest significance, and that what we hold dear from our childhood can inspire us for a lifetime.

*Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

*This pen was created with a collectible Winnie the Pooh series stamp and wood from the Ashdown Forest. 

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