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Gettysburg map with Witness wood

Gettysburg map with Witness wood

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Imagine holding a piece of history in your hand. This pen features a map of the battle and is crafted from the Witness wood of the Oak tree that watched over General Longstreet's men as they prepared for battle during the Civil War. On July 2nd, 1863, this tree stood witness to the most important battle of the Civil War, as it watched over the soldiers preparing for an assault on the Peach Orchard, Round Top, and the Wheatfield. The tree was located in the South Western edge of the battlefield and was estimated to be at least 180 years old based on its rings at the time of its falling. In 2002, the tree was claimed by a storm and subsequently removed from the battlefield by a company hired by the park service.

This pen is a tribute to the 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket clip, with a replica 58 Caliber Minie' Ball on the cap and a 44 Colt Army Bullet on the end. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the pen is a perfect gift for Civil War enthusiasts, gun aficionados, history buffs, and outdoorsmen. With this unique and inspiring pen, you can create your own chapter of history and feel the weight of the past in your hand.

*Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

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