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Tigger stamp with Ashdown forest 100 acre wood

Tigger stamp with Ashdown forest 100 acre wood

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For individuals who hold dear the cherished memories of their childhood, this pen is an absolute treasure. It proudly showcases the lovable character Tigger from the timeless Winnie The Pooh stories, with an actual stamp of Tigger on the cap, making it an exceptional keepsake for those who appreciate the magic of childhood tales. The pen body is expertly crafted from the finest Oakwood sourced from the Ashdown Forest, home of the 100-acre wood which served as the inspiration for the iconic tales. This pen is meticulously designed with the highest quality materials, featuring exquisite gold-plated leaf insets on the cap, center band, and barrel ends, adding a touch of opulence to an already remarkable piece. The attention to detail in the pen's design is evident, making it a truly unique and special writing instrument that any admirer of Winnie The Pooh and his friends would be proud to own.

*Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

*This pen was created with a collectible Winnie the Pooh series stamp and wood from the Ashdown Forest. 

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